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Yep good idea ! I ran out of time before implementing a command center, a building to automatically dig/rebuild in its vicinity.
And yeah this game needs a lot more upgrades to incrementally make it less repetitive

Yes I didn't have time to add a button to reset the game, my bad !
Glad to hear it, I'll definitely expand the prototype to have something more playable when the game jam is finished

Turning off the AI is a good suggestion, thanks !

Really cool game, I like the progression so far.
UI-wise, I've always a resource tab opened to sell, and so I can't see how much money I have. Would be cool if the tabs to sell / transmute was on the side maybe?

Oh you managed to get to the end ! Really glad you liked it :) 

Really original mechanics, I enjoyed this a lot.
The grasphism are also cool, I like your style.
I think it's super clever that you can create a loop, the first hourglass calling all hourglasses, and the last one calling the first. Although I ended afraid to create new hourglass, because it could break my loop :D

You're right, the tickets lack clarity. I'll add something UI-wise to show it's a money.  
In term of automation, I had more ideas, I wanted it to become more automatable. I didn't have enough time though before the end of the game jam, so I guess I'll add it in an update. 
Thanks for your input :)

I really like the idea of building community. It would be a really big update to the game, so I can't say for sure I'll go this way. I like it nonetheless, it could be a totally different route of ideas.  
Thanks !

The pause button is something that has been mentionned multiple times, will definitely add it after the judging period.

Thanks !  
You're absolutely right, the time gates shows I lacked time to add a more complex and interesting way to unlock things. I would like to update it after the judging time is finished, to add something better. I'm thinking about a government approval meter.

Yeah  I replayed it now that I'm not in the rush to finish, and feel like you that Ideas could go faster, maybe by assigning "ungulaged" people to it. 
Productions are the last mechanic in it, and also the one that permit a bit of idle time. But they come late, because Ideas are too slow.
Thanks for your input :)

Thank you !
You're so nice, I guess I won't send the denunciation letter about you to the Komissar after all.

I toyed with the idea, with the potato at just 1 ticket. But as the game advance I find it harder to lose, and I wanted the player to feel the "running out of money". I'll tweak it a bit, thanks

Thanks, will look into it

Dang, I really thought I fixed it, apparently there was a second bug like it.
Did you restart from beginning or tried with the old save? Maybe it's corrupted (normally it wouldn't change anything, I'm asking just in case).
Other possibility is just that the calculation for the brick placement is too heavy: my computer can freeze 1 second when too much brick is placed at once (but at higher zoom level, not currently in game). How would you rate your computer ? Low-end, middle, high-end?

Thanks !
I definitely have more plans in stock for this game, and hope I'll find time to slowly add them during the next months.

Building the weather center opens storm stats and some upgrades (lightning frequency and others). I think I had more plans for it at the time, but as the game was for a game jam I had not enough time to add all.

Nope you're at the current endgame, my ballpark estimate is a bit inflated.

Yep you're right ! I messed the clarity in the UI.
I wanted to let you change X workers from miners to builders, and while I was at it I did add also the possibility to buy X. But it isn't as useful. You can reach ~75-100 workers at the endgame, and with more content it could become useful again :)

Thanks for helping me, I hope the bug is corrected now.

Sorry for that, your save must be corrupted. I added a save verification, but it seems it wasn't enough.
If you would like to restart, you can open the console and type "saveHandler.erase()" and reloading should work.

Thanks ! Really glad you liked it !
And sorry for that, I'll try to fix this bug.

Yes you reached the end circa 250 population. I didn't even think you could reach 450 ! With the happiness constantly going down I guess.
Your guesses are all right, Tesla Towers only redirect on two lightning rods, I planned to make chains but lacked time. No reason to have multiple Weather Centers, you could delete the one you had (but this was a programming error, I wanted to make it so you need to keep one to see informations on storms).
Proximity bonuses are a cool idea ! I have still many ideas for expanding the game, and your suggestions are welcomed :)
All in all, thanks for taking the time to develop your thoughts on this game, this means a lot

Thanks ! Sadly, I didn't have time to add more buildings, so yeah it finishes abruptly

Thank you for your kind words !
I fixed the bug overflow thing, thanks for pointing it out