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this game is good but ive been playing this on hps1 demo disc 2020 for way longer than i shouldve but all that time was spent looking for the darn ending  which i think is finding all the cats ive only found two one on tree and one in garbage so is there a ending or is there not  

thats literally corys video if ur gonna steal one at least dont steal from popular youtubers      

Windowed mode does not help nor disabling the vhs mode (Putting both windowed mode and disabling the vhs mode together don't help either.)

It freezes then it still works but I cant see the game.

all of the levels are this "zoom in level"

i keep zooming in but nothing happens

yall asking for how to turn it off while im trying to turn it on and im failing to do so

i thought the eel or whatever on the thumbnail was a banana

have u heard of this place called outside and this thing called grass?

This didn't fit the theme well but I liked it! Also why are there keys? I finished the game and collected some keys but they didn't do anything. 

This did not follow the theme but the game was fun and abstract looking! 

Also this may be my last rating of a game of this jam also I have skipped a day of rating which was yesterday I think sorry.

I loved this game although it didn't really follow the topic and I have an idea of an scrap and it is the black hole scrap, It pauses the falling of scraps and sucks up every scrap until its all gone and then the falling of scraps resume. 

This was a little fun although it really didn't go with the topic unless you can escape the box somehow and something else happens also the text for the powerup is impossible to read unless if you have full screen on.  

This didn't quite go with the theme quite well but I liked it! One problem is that you cant escape the narrator kills you or takes you back. Also what's going on with the seat preferences option? It doesn't do anything it just breaks the game.   

This was okay for the most part but I'm not sure why the droids wont think to kill you but I guess they don't have enough artificial intelligence to think about that.   

I loved the clever ending and also this game reminded me of a flash game called how to make a game which has a similar art style. 

The game was an okay one but on a unrelated note when I saw the thumbnail I got reminded of a flash game I played called Story of a Cube that I found on newgrounds although this game has nothing to do with Story of a Cube.   

This was so interesting seeing a lot of choices for a really simple survey and I love annoying that narrator and I'm not sure why there is an ending where the narrator dies.    

This was a okay game although in two levels you cant look up or down only left and right which is weird. 

This defines what failure is progress is!

This didn't really fit the theme but the idea of betrayal is interesting! 

great job

great job

Not sure how this got posted twice.

This didn't really go with the topic quite well but I like the idea of going in a black hole! 

This didn't really go with the topic quite well but I like the idea of going in a black hole! 


WOWIE! This is my one of my favorites although the level seems really bland looking also I'm not sure if Jonsey was supposed to be a reference to Jonas Tyroller himself.   

Gray-Box-Testing meets The Stanley Parable meets coding. Also has anyone found the easter egg yet or did I find it first? And one last thing is clipping the boxes through the floor or walls intentional?     

This was an interesting game although THERE WERE SO MANY TRAPS also if you dropped the crystal skull in the spike pits you have to restart. 

Its very interesting to see  that in the true ending I think you become Blenderman or you escape but the next player is a lost soul who needs to do the same as you did as well as Blenderman himself is a lost soul.  

Simple, Fun. That's all I have to say.

Rated your game!

The game wasn't good but not bad either but the hidden platform idea was interesting!  

One of the endings has to be downloaded the others are free on your browser!

This isn't too simple...And that's a good thing! The game has a variety of frenemies and I wonder what those black tentacle things in the background were? The only thing I know is that the final boss is the king or queen of them. The best simulator you will ever play (Sadly you have to download one of the endings, Yes you need to download a ending if you want to get that ending)  

I have never thought I had to say that you have to download an ending  

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