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I freaking love the pitch, let's try it !

🤣 love the animation of the character, don't know why but he makes me laugh. Good job on the game !

Nice !

Thanks again ! I think you're right about maybe discouraging some people, I'll see about some quick tips.

Wow this is super hard, the controls are really sensitive ^^ nice concept though !

Did you make the sprites yourself ? They're really pretty, it gives a nice pixel art feeling.

Thank you !!! Hope you had a good time ;)

No problem ! I didn't manage to finish level 1 xD but I'll try again !

Thank you for the feedback ! 

I worked on this project for about 3 weeks on my free time, I would say about 10-12h a week (about 40h total probably). 

On the next update I'll adjust the volume and more importantly put a mute button for the music ^^. I hesitated about putting an introduction thinking it would part of the fun to discover what to do for each screen and focus on doing instinctive controls.

I plan to release a more complete version on the Google Play Store with more mini games and more polished overall.

It was my first project with Godot Engine.

I think it was indeed the top most joker.

I'm stuck 😂 not easy but fun !

Is it normal that the balls circled do not pop ? 

I just tried the game after seeing your post on Reddit, I may have found some bugs if it can help you. At one moment I moved a ball and some balls forming a square disappeared (they were all different colors). I hit the undo button and redid the same moveand nothing happened this time.

Just played it and I really got into it xD great game mechanic !

I love the crazy art style ! I'll play it on the weekend for sure.

That's what  I was thinking when I was playing it, maybe I'll take some time to finish my old RPG Maker's games ^^

Hello everyone ! I released my first game on a few days ago 😀 Also the first game I made with Godot Engine.

It's a fast paced arcade game based on the Wario Ware franchise. I would love some feedbacks from you !

Thanks ☺

I laughed so hard at the end xD 

Happy to see a Wario Ware like game, my first released game is also a Wario Ware like, I thought the genre forgotten :) The mini games are really fun and full of life !

Thank you for taking the time to play it :)

Simple and catchy concept, I like it ! :)

Is it your head on Earthworm Jim ? xD Nice work !

Yes I did, very relaxing ^^ I also did my first release yesterday :D

xD love the sheep sounds !

Congrats on your fist game ;)

I just played it and the gameplay idea is awesome ! Even if there are bugs here and there this prototype is really interesting, the controls of the bird feel really nice ! Nice job !

Seems interesting, I'll definitely try it ! To keep yourself motivated you should try working on smaller projects, don't be too ambitious for your first game, keep it simple and go through the process to the end (polishing, release, bug fixing...) it really helped me !

Nice prototype man !

Haha I got really caught in the game ! Really fun !

Really sweet platformer, I really liked the idea you had for the camera. The jump have a nice feel too !