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Game have no sound after you play it one time. I googled it and it seems to be a bug with chrome or something like that.

I don´t know why there is no sounds, does not matter if sounds is on or off.

My friend, it seems I still won´t  be able to play the game. Perhaps on a new computer, someday. Now the game won´t even launch, I get the error  0xc000007b

Thanks so much my friend, will finally be able to finish this little gem.

Hi there buddy, just wondering if you are working on that patch. Best regards

Hi there buddy, just wondering if you patched the game and replaced the download file. Best regards

Thanks buddy, I will wait for a patched version to try finish the game. Best regards and great work, would love to see more stuff like this.

Nice game, I like 1st person puzzle games like this. However, could not go very far in the game, it seems it have some bugs. 1st bug was on the room with two round spinning blades on the floor, where you have to cut the block in half. The piece you leave in the wall that goes up (that has a switch on it to open the door) disappears when the walls go up. Then it will either reappear, or disappear completely then you are forced to restart the game. If you can get past that, the next bug was in the 1st room that has a moving laser grid and acid pool, I died there and when I respawned I was under the floor and falling into endless white, then the game froze and  I Was forced to force quit.

Thanks buddy, really enjoying the game, very nice mechanics and graphics. Hope that one day you make it into a bigger game, more variety of levels. All the best

Very nice game, art style, mechanics, 5 star. I wish you make it into a full game with way more levels, intricate stuff.

Where does the game save the progress? Because after I Deleted it I don´t want any digital trash left behind.

I love games like this. Reminds me of Fire and Ice on the NES. Any chance of a part 2 in the works? I found the puzzles so easy, I think I finished the game in two hours or so. Really wished for way more levels, hard stuff. Best regards.