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Really good game! I liked your take on the theme, and level 8 was pretty interesting :)

Great Job bro! Those puzzles were really fun, really liked your game.

Nice game bro

Awesome game, I love how you used the theme :D

This is a really high-quality game, the atmosphere and graphics are awesome, great job!

Man, Great Job! Really like how the interactions between 2 blocks can create so many posibilities

Really liked the game (and the Dani reference ;) ), good job

Really good game, really like it. I wish it was larger, but still Great Work!

NP! And I'll be waiting the update ;

I just finished, very good game, it is short but entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot. Great job!

Hey man, I really like the game. I know you did it in 72 hours and that's awesome, this game has great potential and I think you can polish it a lot. Keep it up! Great work

Actually, I tried your game with my cousin and we really liked it, great job

Ola :D


A really good game my man, you're a GENIUS!