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Cool. I'm reminded of Techno by Ray Ogar:

Hi. Great article! In my time exploring the backroom lands of Noclip, I've also come across a few scenes with an odd feel:

These are from my Virtual Photography collection:

While I wouldn't label them as exactly 'liminal', they are often 'off map' - hidden from ordinary gaming  view. Whether this is enough to say they form an #AESTHETIC is hard to say:

I do agree however there's often an intense, often ghostly loneliness in these fragmented digital nowheres. Here are some of my fave strange non-spaces:

Cool zine.

I'm currently head of my own Republic. It might be nice to have a visiting dignitary.

A free exhibit of 4K videogame screenshot art via the screenshot Community, and my own Noclip virtual photography. Enjoy!

Hi. I'm Robert What, a philosopher and artist based in the UK. Like countless others, I work real hard for art - hence the phrase 'Art-(as)-Work' - yet get next to no views. And that sucks.

Your thoughtful words resonated with me. I've also written about this subject before:

As you're probably aware, the problem is the very Internets itself - ie. the underlying (Capitalist) Social Relations determining its inherently unfair structure. As you correctly state, if an artist isn't already rich whiteTM male and cishet they can go twist in the stale digital wind of total obscurity.

As many artists suspect, we need a new, more collective, communal, socialistic Net. Itch isn't really helping them ORGANIZE! either - it's a desert, comprised of infinite, totally isolated / alienated cubes of artistic sand. (I only found your cool zine by chance after hours of dune surfing.)

If you like, we can chat about this stuff: robertwhat (at) proton (dot) me

Good luck with your artist journey. Hang on there!

Sincerely, Bob

Would love to experience this!

A 'social internet gamedev simulation', project STARLARP simply considers the modern fan community art and drama that swirls around AAA game development - the 'Scenius' - as the more interesting game being developed, and played.

Hi! Looking great, can't wait to play! My suggestion would be an Accessibility menu, with cheats such as No Fall Damage, Infinite Climb, Noclip (for Virtual Photography screenshots.) These would help players who dig the #aesthetic and love to explore, chill in a game's atmosphere - and are less interested in teh Real GamerTM 'git-gud' challenge *rolls eyes*. Signed, a Filthy Casual ;-)

In case of emergency - the entire Internet, in handy Offline form:

Swanson's Offline Internet

Get Off Today!

I brought it, and it's excellent. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work!

Hi, I'd love to buy your bundle, but I hate Paypal. Any chance of using Cards, or some other way of paying you?