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good game!

great game and u dont need dedicated graphic card, runs good on a celeron with ig uhd 600 ;)

very cool game ! like the fog effects , sound and atmosphere ! got nearly all 5 endings ; but if u skip the bus stop and go past , is there anything like ending 2 ?

like the new revised demo !  but i like this game since demo1 where i really liked some daylight setting , and the new area past the campfire reminds some

-Fatal Midnight- by qwobii (

well.... can't stand this anymore... ppl stealing other ppl work... damn.... Passerby by hanakoINC (

np Niven !  look like i'm the only one having this wierd problem , so this time i'm just "unlucky" as they say :D   .  i'll watch a  playthrough ;)

mhh no im pretty sure i'm not hitting R key , but gonna try again .  the problem to me happened with the old build , and i thought that with the new build it might be gone but  nope :(  .   Also , when i get up the bed , i tried to immediately run to the balcony and jump down and go to the poor fella , but nope  game reverts back to bed....

game is very good ! , but i can't get past the "press tab to get up from bed" ,  because when i get up and make a few steps , the game reverts back to the bed.... very wierd... am i the only one ?!

np!  i really can't stand the fact that someone can steal so easily a game on itch.....

just to let u know  Home Snatch by taheb (

glad i wasn't the only one who got mouse sensitivity issues , but my message about that got deleted.. dunno why...

game is very good and  very well optimized ! 

very good ! played just fine on a potato celeron 

another little gem !  this is what  happens when u fish in toluca lake :D

well made game !  what is the first song on the radio ? ^^

very very good!  i like this one and lady of sorrow the most ;)

amazing visuals , vibes and atmosphere ! u could make a full game firewatch-like ;)

actually like the game as it is , cozy and relaxed  ;  but i get the critics , game is well  polished , atmosphere is very good,  i think u could make a great one more spooky set in the woods ! ;)

np! :)  yeah  i noticed the filesize is not the same !

agree! its wierd that on itch there isn't a digital protection of some kind

amazing job !

PERFECT SPOT ! by studegaming (  steal attempt.... why ppl do this??

this is very very well crafted little gem ! super eerie atmosphere! 

nice shooter ! solid boomstick !  liked the mansion stage , can u remake clive barker undying mansion ? ^^  

played on potato celeron , game runs fine on 1366x768 with good graphics! 

maybe just a little more bullets would be golden! ;)


well made solid game overall ! also it runs on potato !

oh Thank you so much!!!

can u add a resolution and quality options menu ? 

nice first game!  runs just fine on celeron j4125 1366x768  ;)

very cool spooky forest atmosphere!! reminds me of game witch hunt

is there any way i can change game resolution ? cause too low fps on potato pc ^^'

short but very cool!  love the "woods" assets !  can u make a game in the "woods" setting ? ^^

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just.... Amazing!! love the SH atmosphere and the rain! 

very well polished game! cool atmosphere!

agree with u on the atmosphere and no flashlight !  but there isnt really that much of a story here....  i think u should try his other game "the hometown files"  , should be on another level ;)

very polished and very cool atmosphere,  ty for the tips below ;)

hi Acorn ,  big fan of the old demo here ,  i think i kinda like the old autumn day setting more , but also this one is very good! even more eerie ;  what can i say ? i like this game , unlike most people , i like the walking simulator setting ;)  something i would really add is few more sounds like  winds and a breaking branch... some things like these , to add even more to the amazing atmosphere .

wish u the best man! 

cool vibes from this! ,  wish i could explore the world more freely ;)

very well done game , really cool! love the atmosphere !  are there multiple endings ?