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Yea,I noticed that,good game,gives me some flashbacks from the original CoD,I bought it from steam.

Wait,so this game is paid on Steam and free here,Also,where is version 1.0.1?

What will  be added in the steam version?

I think I am the only one that comments at your status updates,I really like the game,keep up the good work.

I know there was a thing where you could test wheapones,it was locked and now it is gone,can you add it back?

You lisened to me!!:D

I really wait for the level bundless

I would Really like to see stuff like JEEPS,MOTOBIKES AND EDITABLE SIGNS

If I make some levels,can I post them somewere for the level bundless BEFORE 1 November?

Lisen,I am going to play the game in an second but,from what I read,this game is going to be fantastic,I will give it an try later but I think that you can do a good job with this game,don't let it waste.


I realy love the game and after the exams pass I will post the 2nd episode.

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16th June?,That's tomorrow!

Next week the exams pass and I will be able to do the 2nd episode of the game.


P.S. You Are AWESOME!!!

P.P.S. Will there be the weapones I sugested?

How soon?

No problem,I will post one with the other map soon.

This is the video I said I will post.

Some tips from the number 4 on Altas City

  1.Take out the zombies sistematicly,don't go out blazing guns(Only if you want to look badass,wich is tottally fine)take each part of the map sistematicly

 2.Take a gun as soon as possible,that goes for the pistol and for the bigger ones

 3.If almost everybody is zombified,you can take them in a closed area,put baricades around them,and add turets on them,but check them frequently,cause the turets disipear after an certain amount of time.

P.S.The ranking is gliched,cause it sais me that i'm 4th of74th but it won't show me on the scoreboard. :P

And,I will add an video on youtube,once I find an good video editor witch I can work with.

I will let it here.

Cheers too,Also I really love the fact that you added an tutorial,before,Ididn't knew that I could Wall-Jump,and I thougt that the weapones shown on the buildings,were glighed trough them.

Really good game,if you could only add some mele weapones,an riot shield and being able to cary more than 2 guns,in rest it's FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

Really good game,if you could only add some mele weapones,an riot shield and being able to cary more than 2 guns,in rest it's FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

OK! :D

This game quite reminds me of jaloppy

Can you fix the bug in witch you lose the secret weapones if you close the game?

Tanks dude,I mean really tank you.

Can you give me the link to download the game?

I understand your pain,I also can't afford games and,don't call me a dick but I get them for free from IGG-Games,you could too.