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Some tips from the number 4 on Altas City

  1.Take out the zombies sistematicly,don't go out blazing guns(Only if you want to look badass,wich is tottally fine)take each part of the map sistematicly

 2.Take a gun as soon as possible,that goes for the pistol and for the bigger ones

 3.If almost everybody is zombified,you can take them in a closed area,put baricades around them,and add turets on them,but check them frequently,cause the turets disipear after an certain amount of time.

P.S.The ranking is gliched,cause it sais me that i'm 4th of74th but it won't show me on the scoreboard. :P

What round did you get to? Someone may have taken fourth after you got it. The game doesn't update your rank until you beat your high score.