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Hi there! I'd love to submit the following game and 2 ebooks:

Thanks so much for this awesome project! 

Oh gosh thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed and like my soft dragon boy <3

Super sort, effective, and eerie. Definitely something that stays with you, and perfect for scratching the emotional short horror itch.

Okay, try it now! Hope that works.

Hmmm that sounds like something for ME to fix lol. Let me see what I can do here. Thank you for letting me know! (And YAY I’M SO GLAD you like my baby!!)

No prob, and thanks for telling me! It’s gone off relatively hitch-less but it’s also my first time using for pre-orders. (Definitely gonna do it again tho!)

ALSO OK I put the links back in the downloadable files so HOPEFULLY everyone should still have that now!

Ahh thank you for letting me know! (Can you not see it at all? It's still up and the password should be the same... which I'll just tell you here is QueerWitchesRule, lol.)

Haha, okay! 

...Oh, here’s a test. Can you play my other game, DATE THE LIZARD? It’s free/playable right here in ur browser. If that works for you, this should too!

Chromebook should work (it’s basically a laptop right, not a mobile device?)  Android I’m not as sure about, BUT!! I should have news about playing this on mobile devices soon! (It’s been bought by Tap, Wattpadd’s new interactive fiction branch, so that should be a thing soon!)

Hmmm okay. Did you do Patreon or mailing list? Patreon should have a post if you just click "get the password" on the front. Mailing list, the password is the same as the one  you should have gotten, to get the free stuff on my blog! So if you know that, you should be able to play this too.

(1 edit)

Join my mailing list or Patreon to find out! :D (If you've done those and still don't see it, let me know.)

Clarifying: I'm not charging for the password, and buying it here is like a tip. Only Patrons and mailing list people get the password for this game.

AHHH thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked this!!

AHH I'm so glad you liked this! That makes me very happy (also yay glad the aro and ace options were enjoyable~)

ALSO omg thank you for letting me know about that! Should be fixed now. 

A bit terrifying

I got up from the computer 

(but it was still awesome)

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH and not just because the space wizard is named after me!! <3

Thank you!! <3