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roadblock genetic studio

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Let's-a be inspired!


It's me from Roadblock Genetic Software.

We are owned by Sparkling Hills Inc.

They own Pura Vida Media as well, so we teamed with Pura Vida Media to turn their site (Looper Multiverse) into an app!

We will continue updating it as the site evolves!

Here in the site you can find inspiration everywhere you look!

Enjoy the site, we'll be releasing updates and hopefully some new pieces of software for you all to use.

Our team is mostly the same team as Needy Bear (who do not have a page on

We share the same site:

but we do hope to switch in the future!

Gemingu at has covered our history on his site when he talked a game Needy Bear is developing called Conway.

Keep checking his site for info on us because the site has been bought by Pura Vida Media, so hopefully you'll hear from us there!

But let's cut to the chase:

Here's the download link:

Judging on how the game looks, I don't think it will. Mobile optimisation's really hard but maybe the dev will.