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I'm a beginner in Godot and spent like a week searching for a good way to import json files into a dialogue system, this was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot for this :D

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Calming, has a nice deeper meaning past just gameplay and the movement feels nice

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Very frantic and tense, also the visuals are really good!

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I liked the artstyle and the movement was really good (the goat's legs always landing was satisfying). Simple but not too easy :)

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Fun! a bit too easy, I like the idea so much i kinda want some more challenging levels lol

Simple but fun :D Fits the theme very well lol

It fits the theme quite well (spiralling out of control) but it should get more difficult as the game goes on. Once you get the hang of it becomes too easy and goes on forever

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Fits well with the theme, also took me quite a few tries to win so it's actually a bit challenging!

cute and nice pun on the gamejam theme :D