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this is awesome, exactly what I have been looking for

sort of turn based plants vs zombies

cool idea

drw can be used for printSprite as well

thank you petet ;-; that was wonderful

dont play pong with nazis, parça

Quite interesting concept

WASD for movement, arrows for attacks

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I am praying for your health and safety

Is there a way to create a sort of bundle with games for a gift? Instead of buying each game and sending it as a gift, buying many and then sending a bundle of those as a gift.

That would be cool.

LMAO it also crashed my PC.

Very cute font you use here though


anuke what have you created

102 hours well spent


My team had a problem uploading the last version of our game.

We started upping it 8 min before the deadline (it is only 7mb, pretty small) but there was an error with itch a minute before the deadline. There was an older version we uploaded earlier just to be safe but even that is not showing anymore now:(

You can do as you wish. We are leaving a link to our game in its description, and we won't be updating the github (you can check the commits here

The last commit was at 9:01pm because we thought all was lost anyway. This commit removes footsteps and adds an object for the tiger and the dog.

Either way it was quite fun!

Thanks for the opportunity:)

Really cool. Gave me frog fractions vibes, although I coundn't find out how to get past the buttons.

thank you:D

yay! I am happy this is the first comment on something I put in here

though I think there is a bug that generates a solved constellation, so you get an automatic win haha

i wa born in Brazil;)

And games with cartridges here were only really available for the rich, most people had contact with videogames through piracy in the ps2 era, when games started being more democratized.

So in many ways actually knowing what a cartridge is can be quite the privilege depending on where/when you were born:)

I did one of the falling simulator:) we choose it because we had an idea, and it was easy to make for our first time making games! And I also know another person who did it as a challenge to upload a game in less than 3 hours. I don't think anyone really did it because of laziness:) but it really is funny that there are so many of the same cartridge, I think the organizers are considering making a system for next jam so there are no repeated games

From Wikipedia: ROM cartridge, usually referred to simply as a cartridge or cart, is a removable memory card containing ROM designed to be connected to a consumer electronics device such as a home computervideo game console or, to a lesser extent, electronic musical instruments. ROM cartridges can be used to load software such as video games or other application programs.

My friend also didn't know what a cartridge was. Hope this helps!