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Happy to see you liked it!

You are welcome! :)

Thank you for leaving a comment! If you have any suggestions for more shapes please let me know. I will release more free packs soon! :)

Oh well, I think I'll let it be. Either I don't get how to get those upgrades or something isn't really working. Thanks for the reply :)

Hi there, can you help? How to reach the flooded cave?

Glad you like them!

So happy you like it!

Hi all! I'm Roberto and this is my first ever demo game prototype.

I would like to make a series based on this character named code:runner. It's a banana travelling different worlds trying to find secrets and the hidden temple of time. In this demo, you got to meet the spinning sign, a sign that likes to spin and give informations to travelers, as well as some spiders trying to make a good web for everyone (maybe..).

This demo is quick to play. Interact with the signs and try to get to the key. There are some secrets around, like hidden passages and some additional dialogs. Can you find them?

I will post soon the gb file as well the graphic svg.

Thank you <3

You didn't make a mistake. I was going to implement the checkpoint factor, but it was getting too complex for something that I wanted to be simple. Also, there wasn't any explaination about the interaction with signs so, I'm glad you did it in the end. Thank you for trying it out!

Thank you <3 I'm going to do more episodes for this series.