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Just in case anyone else has this issue: I was trying to play the game as a stand-alone application, but the issue seems to be resolved if you install and launch it with the itch app

When I clicked the icon to start the game after a few moments a text editor file renpy-traceback.txt opens telling me an uncaught exception occurred stating that it couldn't find '._archive.rpi' (see below). I had a look in the terminal and could find '._archive.rpa' but not an .rpi file. I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6 if that has any bearing on this. Any advice is appreciated.


Hi, you might have already solved this, but in case you haven't (or for other people who come across this): if you right-click (or ctr + click) on the game icon and select 'Open' an "unknown developer" warning box will come up again but this time with the option to 'Open' it anyway. After the initial launch it should allow you to just double-click/tap it to open in the future.

(Of course this isn't recommended for programs you're not sure of though)