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Rizky Nur Hidayatullah

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That's really good advice. We appreciate the feedback and bug notifications. Thank you very much.

A little explanation that when we die indeed coins are stored. It is possible to collect coins repeatedly (or often called grinding / farming).

thank you for the feedback. we will consider about mana regeneration

We are happy to announce that our game has been released

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Sacrifice is a platformer game that can be played on browsers. This game tells about a boy who is adventurous to find objects that can cure all diseases. The adventure passes through seven different worlds. In every world, the boy must collect gems by defeating every guardian of the world.

Give it a try and see!

Shoot The Smart Duck is an educational shooter game. There are 4 different modes with 2 languages. Players must answer the question as quick as possible. Avoid shooting the wrong answer or you will be gameover. Every stage has 30s time up and there are 10 stages for every levels. You can upload your best score to our online leaderboard. Give it a try!