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Yes but it seems that the uploads are locked for the voting period. I just made a duplicate page that has both files. PW: learn

Super fun arcade style asteroid farming game. Theme was fun!

Really fun tower defense. Thanks for sharing it!

Was a lot of fun! The world needs more rhythm games!

Maybe have a transparent shadow rather than complete darkness so the player has a sense of location in the dungeon.

Interesting concept. I did notice you can drag items to the edge of the screen and it deletes them without reducing the size of the platform. I can see this game being made into an incrimental game where the generated patterns get progressively more complex. -Fortunes

Cool story concept. I can definately see alot hapening with the story behind the game. - Fortunes

This is a great platformer that is easy to pick up. The theme and audio suits it well! Hope you keep making things!

Thanks for revisiting it! We are still a ways off from where we want it to be, but every update is one step closer to the final goal.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I actually agree on pretty much everything! We have overhauled pretty much the entire UI,because there definitely is an information overload. We have pans to update all the artwork, but that is a slow process. We also have plans to implement bird assignments, rather than a bulk measurement of flock power. There is so much I could talk about, but in short thank you for the feed back and the re-assurance that we have and are fixing the right things.

This game is not for casual players (yet). The rooms get very difficult really fast since the health and fuel dont regenerate between rooms. Could be 2 difficulty modes easy and hard, where easy regenerates your resources every room.

The GDD is well documented, and sections are easy to understand. I haven't played the games you referenced but the details you described make sense.


WOW! I really like the fealings this portrays. With every person helped the world becomes a little bit brighter. Spreading positivity, and having the rising sun be the measurement is very clever. Variable jump height is nice, and gives the feeling of more control (definately keep it).

Looking over the GDD it was not immediately obvious to me on how to restart the level. If the player locks themselves out of a solution maybe trigger a warning to suggest restarting (give the player the ability to realize what the mistake was). I like how you have a set color pallet in your art section. This is very good to keep in mind to make sure everything looks like it belongs.


Awesome first game! Hope you keep creating!

Gave it another go with the provided information, and it is very engaging. I found myself cutting up bodies before knowing how to identify limbs but thats a learning process. Really cool concept!

the room transistions are super cool! Unfortunately is seems the guide button is broken for me. I wasnt able to figure out the goal of the game. The setting, sound, and movement felt really good though.

Thank you! we understand that is a key quest that we left out. We will be adding that as a quest in future updates. Thank you for playing our game!

I really like the concept! Cleaning up the controls to be a bit smoother will go a long way! I hope you plan to continue this game.

just because it was made for a jam, doesnt mean you can't continue the project. I plan on continuing my submission

cool point and click adventure game!

nice reaction speed test game with a well done design

Very great gameplay loop! I think this is super fun and very replayable.

I play on large monitor, and the layout was very hard top handle. The UI looks cool!

controls feel good

Spreadsheets lol... platformers are fun! good work!

I like it alot! it is a fun puzzle game that makes you think. I can see this being a sleeper pick.

funny little game... idk which aliens are the blue ones. Game crashed in browser after 2 plays. Guessing something isnt being reset correctly on restart.

cool concept. I like the art and feel

cool theme! story sounds interesting

nice management simulator. waiting for minions finish jobs seams tedious unless there is a plan to have the player be able to do tasks in the down time.

interesting little game. clever concept i could see many more levels being made

super cool game. controls were a bit clunky, but once i figured them out it was interesting to balance the various tasks.

cool to see the progress of this game!

feels very creepy, not so much as escaping a nulcear radiation leak. Cool theme!

Fun little survivor type game.

The music and vibe go really well together. This is a great example of doing more with less. Instinctively you want to try and stop the gossip and find the source, but it seems there was a mechanic in place to make the gossip spread faster when trying to find it. Not sure if real or was my imagination.

Fun game, felt like shooting didn't mean much as most levels could be navigated with clever movement. Shooting felt like it introduce more chaos than it helped. The trails that were safe to walk on made it hard to tell when an area was safe vs still dangerous.

Good game overall

It was mentioned on stream, and I feel isnt super clear because people dont realize it.  At about 10 seconds in this clip Thor says, "NOT JUST THE MODS" because those were the original judges, and he brought in additional judges since the event has grown.

So I was worried about this affect, as my friend and I started an indie studio this year to make games. They are an artist and I am a programmer, but we are no where near established. We made our submission under our studio account, and hope to do more jams as a team building excercise to help us grow our skill set since we are still new to this.

With that said I don't think it is a waste of time at all! Sure some groups might be more well versed, but consider your first submissions setting a bar, and future jams at setting a personal best. I would look for another 2 week jam, and see how you do in those so you can have a consistant measurement of growth. Game jams in my opinion are about learning and growing. Some groups might even decide they enjoyed working with each other that they might form an indie studio to continue work on their game. I would hope those groups keep doing jams to strengthen their bonds. I hope you continue to make games, and join jams to have fun!

you are ignoring all the mods who are also judges. They listed the celebrity judges in the short list, but there are many more.

nice puzzles and very clever design.

Thank you for giving it a play! We hope to add some more content before the end of the jam because we want the player to have 10 turns of game play.