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Currently I'm not planning on creating additional content for this game any time soon, so I guess you could say that.

thank you!! <3

Thank you! 


I will need a bit more info to help you. Which version are you trying to open? And maybe you could tell me the error message?

Update : so I've reconnected the paypal and it processes payments correctly now but who do i speak to about the previous payments that didn't go through (though they are visible on my dash and game was downloaded accordingly)? 

I've had "Direct to you" enabled for years and last month I've published a new game and I do receive notifications from itchio that someone bought it but I don't receive this payment in my PayPal account and it's been already almost a month like that.


I'm also having trouble receiving payment via "Direct to you" option, for some reason approx. half year ago it worked fine but now I published a new game one month ago and I'm not receiving payment, what could be the problem?



I re-uploaded the Linux version and it should work now, it seems it didn't fully upload last time I updated it :)

Thank you for telling me!

Thank you!

I was actually planning to release the game on Steam eventually as well (there you can pay via card), if that would work for you, I can let you know when it happens :)

If the game makes the money I've already invested back xD then there will be other routes and they will be released as updates, but with each major update I will increase the price of the game :)


Thank you! :3

Yeah , I forgot to update, but the link to guide is

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Hi and thank you! Glad you liked it!

There 's actually a guide  here  :

Hope it helps :3

Thank you so much!

Currently I'm not planning on returning to it because I'm working on my original novel and going to release the 1st part of it this spring. 

I mean I never know what is going to happen in the future xD there is always a possibility that I might return to drarry who knows.

Oh my god! Thank you for such kind words! <3 They really do mean a lot to me and my motivation!

Thank you so much and I'm really happy you liked!

The idea behind the ending goes like this - when I was writing the script I already thought about my next game and it was suppose to be a small hint to it, but sadly after some time I decided to not continue the story for now.

Thank you so much ! <3 Well I'm currently making another one but with my own original characters, hope you will also like it ^^!

Thank you! :3


Yes, there's a walk through here:

I'm happy that you liked it so much!

Yes, that was one of the endings :)

Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! <3