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On the Windows downloadable version you can toggle fullscreen with Alt+Enter!

The color of the dice stands for which types of units it has on it. Green is for melee units, blue is for ranged units, red is for "immediate actions" or something like that (bombs etc) and white has a mix of all units.

Thank you!

We made the game in GameMaker. And for the dice thing, I responded to someone else asking about it here: Hope that answers your question too!

It's supposed to actually respect the face that's actually visible on the die! But I found that the die drawing is a bit buggy sometimes. So it's possible that it might be drawing the wrong face at times, making it look like the face doesn't determine which unit is spawned.

It's fake 3D! It's based on a hand-drawn frame by frame sprite animation. Reaktori drew the art for it and programmed the initial implementation.

The die sprite looks like this:

But then it's also rotated so it'll look something like this (this gif here is a bit janky, sorry):

Then on top of that die sprite we draw the faces of the die. The faces are just static sprites and they're drawn on the die 1) positioned and scaled depending on which side of the die it's on and which frame of the die animation is currently being drawn, and 2) rotated to the same angle as the die.

The reason why we used GM for this jam game (and all other jam games so far) is that we're the most familiar with it compared to other engines and we know that we can create stuff fast in it because of that.

I hesitate to give advice on which engine you should learn, because I'm not super familiar with engines besides GameMaker and Unity. But I will say that if you want to make 3D games, GameMaker doesn't have great support for that, so you'll be better off learning Unity, Godot, Unreal or any other engine with proper 3D capabilities. If you do want to make 2D games, GameMaker is great!

Thanks! Yea, we used the latest version of GameMaker.

Thanks, glad you had fun! And thanks for the video, it's always fun (and useful) to see others play the game!

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks, we'll try!

Thanks! Yea endless games are tough to balance, they easily either get too hard too fast or remain too easy for too long. But we're happy to hear you liked it!

Good to hear you liked it, and thanks for the feedback!

Really good, had fun playing this! Took me a while to figure out what some of the dice did and how to use them (shield and reload in particular) but once I got those sorted out, all the dice felt good to play. Love the visual style, sounds and music! Great job!

Thanks, happy! I do think that the dice could be introduced a bit more gradually in the beginning to make it not so overwhelming. I hope it didn't end up being a big deal to many players. Good to hear you had fun with it!

Thanks, glad to hear you liked it!

Thank you very much!

Thank you! Plants vs zombies was absolutely one of our main inspirations for the game. We basically brainstormed it as "PvZ but with dice and gore"

Thank you, good to hear you had fun with it!

Thanks for the kind words, my frog!

Thanks! We do have the tendency to make busy and hectic gameplay/effects, hehe

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Thank you very much!


Thank you! Here's hoping!

Thank you!

Thanks a bunch! It is quite addictive, isn't it!


Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much!

Thank you! Don't know if we'll work on this game for any bigger release, but it does have potential I think!

Thanks :)

Thank you!

Thanks a bunch!

Thank you!

Thanks! I just tried to play this browser version on my phone's browser and it works surprisingly well even though we didn't consider mobile friendliness at all when making the game. This would make a fun mobile game for sure!

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot! We've always wanted to do an intro or something with full voice-over so it was fun to finally do that for this game!

Thank you very much! Introducing the dice types more gradually is a good idea.

Thanks a lot! I love rolling the dice into the enemies too, haha