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My head exploded! Brilliant puzzle. Gem of jam. Perfect execution.

This game for smart people. Not like me :o))
I like your visual esthetic.

This game harder than Dark Souls. It took me a lot of tries to get the final. Sorry, but it is not possible to not punching on funereal.

Good naming! It catches my attention in no time and it is really game without chances or other random. Good work. Game looks very solid and high quality for jams.

There no inputs exept "Go deeper" button. It is done on purpose. Because you are playing with random. It is like slot machine where you can only pull the lever and watch. You can consider this as an expiremental expirience and don't expect heavy interactivity like in other games.

Thank you for your feedback and words of support! We are really appreciate it.

This is known issue with input in web version. We are waiting for fix in Defold engine that we use. And yes, we are goind to release on Steam first. After that we will go on mobile. Free web version is just for promotional needs and quick testing.