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Rishabh Dev

A member registered Jul 18, 2020

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he is a bratty bottom larping as a shy top .



there is no throat singing in this

other than that its good

everyone knows that shy tops don't exist. the only thing close to that is a shy switch.

dev , plz make the yandere a bottom or atleast let the MC have an option to top . i mean the yandere is so shy and sub that it makes no sense for him to be a top.


you are actually right


actually i do like these games coz they have a nice and sweet stories but its kinda weird to have so many games which have mostly gay themes.

bruh what anti-gay statement did i make ?

well many of them do have straight romance options and the story is quite nice so i guess i am the gay XD

i dunno bro , most romantic visual novels i have seen are gay furry novels which is annoying same with a lot of the nsfw games .

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sorry dude but there are games which can be said that they are gay (not specifically gay focused) games.

for example

well i haven't played any assassin's creed games but yes they are gay , also the main reason i found from the thread you mentioned was that there are a dozen of different tags for gay games , not just the lgbt tag.

many of them are not even tagged as lgbt , most have  multiple romantic intrests in which you can be straight/gay as per your preference.

everywhere i go on this website i see gay games. now don't get me wrong , many of these games have fantastic stories but there is way too much gayness in this website . is their a reason for it ? i don't see this much gayness on steam . is this becoz steam is heavily censored while itch is rarely censored due to which this website has become a haven/refugee camp for gay (lgbt) creators ?

this was nice ut when will be the next update ?

i meant the titles by nouns.

oka i think the game needs some work in terms of nouns and such for example it would be better to call victoria princess rather than prince. also if i am not wrong there is bug where the mc is referred using female pronouns even though the mc is chose was male. 

while these are some minor ones , but even after that the game was quite incredible . also when is the next chapter/act coming out ?

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nice , but when will be the next chapter released ?

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it was incredible but when is the next chapter coming ?

yeah he should drop a public update

i think it would also be good if you could add male avatar and female characters.

when is the next update coming ?

how do you unlock the actions which have c10 or t10 on them ?

the game was very good , and yeah i chose ' Death to all kings ' as my last line .

Pls when will next update come ?

do you plan on adding more landlord content ?

i didn't know that you were not hosting that ame on the site. most the times the update of your games comes after a couple of days .

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hey dude could pls update your game on as i play it on that site online as the file size is too big :)

thanks for telling that you also upload on gamecore , i will play on that site :)

When will you make v2.2.1 playable on browser , as i have a data limit to download the file as i only get 800 mb a day (becoz of my mobile plan) ?



could you make 100 mb parts of the game so that i could download it easily as i am able to download it as its a big file and mega doesn't lets you resume your download in browser ?


will you make an male version of this game where everyone else is female and we are male ?

Hey its not working 

After loading a dialog box appears in which i don't know is insanely big so pls fix that

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hey after sometime the map does not open and also i cannot level up planets even though they have radio . pls fix the bugs

But still the game is awesome :D

EDIT: i think a little manual of controls in the description would be help players like me

It looks like it isn't complete as there is no blue text to click after some progress in story.

Anyway the game was dope :D