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Fun idea, and very well executed! The game was a bit to fast for my liking, as the bounces could be a bit unpredictable, but other than that, very cool!

I wanted to stay quiet to not mess up Rolf's amazing golf skills, but I think he might have preferred to have a loud fanfare after each shot, I'll keep that in mind next time we're out playing.

Don't tell Rolf, but I've never seen him get a single ball in a hole on the golf course, and I don't think anything can make him a better golfer at this point, he's a lost cause.

Lovely game! I really enjoyed the juicy feedback of pulling the fishermen off the boat, and the storytelling was top notch ^^

Fun game! I loved how unpredictable the ball was the first time you played a level, but it became very easy to just remember the final landing spot the second time you played. Overall very fun though!

Thanks for playing! Yea we unfortunately didn't have time to get the hole working, so you're stuck with Rolf for eternity.

Simple but effective. I love these kinds of games.

Very cool game, I love the subtle tutorial on the start screen and the constant tension of choosing when to move the turret.


Cool game, simple and effective :P

Took a few tries to get the hang of, but then I kept playing until I got a score of 214. It was really pleasant to just close your eyes and get into this zen state just pressing and holding buttons. Well done!