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Good Game !  And the visuals looks very well !

Incredibly done! I love the mechanics implemented  and game play was fun which made me to play more and more. Good luck bud !

It really helps me to compete with leaderboard players and was fun to play . Good job!

thank you so much .. 

Very good Mechanics.. The unbelievable is this game done in short two days.... good work guys . waiting for the next update

Nice work ! The visuals and shock mechanism are great . 

Nice work, the Cartoon effect gives the  game to good feel while playing.   Great job!

The game mechanism was unique  to play.  It was really fun to play.  Cool stuff!

 The tutorial was to understand the basic mechanism  and to understand the player how to play what to collect and not. And we didn't  find any sfx that suits to our game so we did not add it. We will make sure add this on next version. Thank you for your feed back. 

Thanks a lot !

Thank you so much !  

Nice game. need more concentration too understand the the direction oppositely. Nice work great job

Nice Work ! Keep going

Awesome hyper-casual game. The gameplay was so good and need more concentrations to match up with colors. Nice work keep going   :)

nice hyper casual to play... good logic. good work keep going...

Great visuals and nice mechanics implementation,  good luck guys keep going !

Excellent graphics and lighting in the game. great job  !

great visuals and and lighting keeps the game in soothing mind.. good job.. keep going.. :)