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Having a pop-up blocker might cause this issue. If turning it off still doesn't work, here's an alternate DL link:

Julieraptor and I really appreciate your coverage on Pixel Horror Jam 2016! I suggest that you also check out Pixel Horror Jam 2017! 

I hope to collaborate with you in the future as well! Thank you!

If you know any Vietnamese translators that would like to translate the game, please let them contact us!

Thank you for clarifying! I'll keep these in mind as I continue working on the game!

Thank you as well for submitting to the jam! Thank you for participating!

Thank you for playing! What can i do to make the storytelling better?

Yes, Voxel counts!

Thank you so much! Glad to hear you liked it!

Hi there! Thank you for submitting to the Pixel Horror Jam 2. However, I have to ask - was this game made with a pixel aesthetic in mind and made after July 1 2017? If not, unfortunately, I will have to disqualify it.

Nope! They don't need to be chip/8-bit.

Thank you so much for playing the teaser StepThaGamer! I really enjoyed watching it. And thank you for the thoughts at the end concerning combat in RPGs, I'll take it into consideration!

Hello! Thank you for contacting me about it. Yes, you may! Please let me know if you have any questions and when it is finished so I may post it.

P.S. I speak a little bit of Spanish myself :)