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Yes, it was great to work together! 😁 Thanks for all the help!

Thank you! 😊

Thank you! There will be a DRM-free version available here, and if you buy on you will also be able to claim a Steam key :)

Thank you for telling me about the weapon that would sometimes fall through the floor! It has been fixed :)

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Yes, there are three :) One is hidden quite well. Nicely done getting an S-score by the way!

Yes this e-mail can be used for writing about the game :) 

I think I know which info-bot you mean. The one behind all the spikes? The trick is to use the shield!

Those gun names are so cool! And they even make sense! I will call them that from now on 🙂

I don't know much about screen recording, but Bandicam has been working well for me so far. I'm curious to know what fun stuff you guys are doing in the game 😄

Glad you like it! The game is pretty much finished now and I hope I can give you an exact release date soon 🙂

Thanks for making this! Works perfectly, and it's very easy to use :)

Hi! This happens when using older gamepads or ps4 gamepads. The demo only supports xbox controllers at the moment. But the full version will support many other types of controllers as well 🙂

Hi! The menu track is called No Time To Waste, by SPMusicGroup. 

All of the music in the Gunborg demo is royalty free, but an original soundtrack is in the works for the full version of the game. 

Thank you for playing 😊 I'm glad you liked it!

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Thanks for the feedback! Someone else told me the same thing, so I've fixed this for the full game :) I will update the demo with some changes later on. 

Thanks for this 😁 I really enjoyed the video! 

Thank you so much :) This is great stuff! 

I've come quite far with production of the game now, and I will probably not make any changes that affect the gameplay in a significant way. If I did, I would have to go back and redesign levels that I'm already done with. It's still great to hear these suggestions, and perhaps there are some small tweaks I could do to make the player movement a bit more responsive.

I'd like to explain why some of your suggestions are quite hard to get in the game.

The dash - I've seen players "double tap" A and D when trying to move into position on small platforms, so I'm afraid that they could activate a dash by mistake with these controls. Also, if I had decided to put a dash in the game, I would have wanted the possibility to aim it in different directions. 

Resolution and interpolation - I've found a sweet spot when it comes to how much of the game world is visible to the player. The camera is zoomed in enough to show off the art, but still far away enough to give the player a good view of their surroundings. I've achieved this by using an unusual resolution, and the interpolation is needed to make the proportions of the pixels correct, and edges straight. I don't mind the interpolation at all, but I know that pixel artists might have something to say about that :)

Thanks again for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!

I would like to 🙂

Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Someone else wrote to me about this as well. I would like to try it out, if I could find a good way to activate a dash while playing with a keyboard and mouse.

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Yes, Gunborg will have a store page on steam in a few weeks :)

Will do :) I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you :) Glad to hear you liked the game! 

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the game 🙂

Thank you for the video! I'm glad you liked the demo 🙂

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I'm not looking for help at the moment, but thank you for offering :)

Thank you :)

Sorry, I don't have discord. The game will only be released in english at first, but I might do translations afterwards.

Hi! When did it get stuck?

Thank you for testing the game thoroughly :) I will have to take a look at all my closing doors. Glad you like the game!

Nice! Thanks for letting me know 🙂 Never tried it on windows 7 myself. Changing the requirements now, and hopefully it will work for other people as well!

Hi! I can try to fix the problem if you e-mail me the error message 🙂

Glad you liked it!

Thanks 🙂

I tweaked it a little since people found it much easier than the mini-boss on level 2 🙂

Glad you liked it 😊

Thank you! 🙂

I updated this page with more information about the release 🙂 

Thank you for the video! 😊

Not yet. The full version of the game will be released here on itch (and other places) when it's done 🙂

Thank you! And thanks for the feedback about the music restarting to often (for players who die a lot) 🙂

Так, це просто демонстрація :)

I'm glad you liked it 🙂 I will publish the release date and price as soon as it's been decided.