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Woah these are great! I'm so glad you're enjoying this, you're doing so much with so many restrictions!

Oh I love this! drawing characters from memory always makes for amazing discoveries.

The hand feature is just a mask. It's a hand because that's the first instance of masking in human painting, we've been using this since the very beginning of cave painting!

Lovely! thanks for sharing <3

Press Enter to play then.

Thank you for your comment.

I haven't really gotten around to work on this for a while, but I don't discard coming back to it in a while to fix some bugs and expand it.

The game is in andalusian, and I don't really want to translate it to any language, to keep with the spirit of Michael Brough's Cinco Paus, which I highly recommend if you liked my game:

Aw thanks! cute drawing, too! <3

Sadly,  there's no built in method to export yet. In working on implementing one.

As of now you can either take static screenshots or use screen capture software like gifcam if you want a gif or video.

Thanks! this is super cute 🐤

Oh this is lovely! 🐝❤

Hi, I've hidden this post to other participants.

I'm sorry, but you're not a participant in this jam. I've had to remove your submission because the artist asked me to.

You cannot upload games you don't have the right to upload, you can't just not give credits to the people who made the game your claiming creatorship over. And definitely you cannot write a super long post about how you want more people to work with you for free. Not on a gamejam you managed to be removed from anyway.

If you'll take my advice, start putting people before your work. I'd say the possible connection with the people you worked with and the people who could be playing and commenting your game was far more important than the game itself, which is anyway removed from the jam and reported to itch for uploading without authorization.

Best regards, Alberto

"The topic does not fit to arcade theme."

🤔 you say that as if it was negative, when the description of the jam said quite explicitly to make just that:

The Dream Arcade Archive jam is about making modern games that cover new concepts (either gameplay or narrative)

If you really find no reason to play, rate and comment games in playing, enjoying, commenting, improving and helping other improve, learning and discovering other people's point of view and experiences...

you're in luck! itch is trying a new order in jam submissions where if you filter by random it actually does some aglorithm dark magic where it shows the games in order from best to worst (or worst to best, I'm not sure).

it is definitely ok to submit more than one game, but we would like to kindly ask you to only upload games made specifically for this jam.

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It depends on where the sounds come from, if you're getting them from one of those online databases there's usually a "how to credit" page there somewhere.

It's usually enough to just put the creator's name along your credits, something like: sounds from [webpage] by [creators].

But make sure to check the license requirements.

Yes, this isn't a competitive jam and in general the rules are quite relaxed. We do recommend actually making the whole game  during the jam dates, but it's okay to start thinking stuff and maybe even putting pen to paper beforehand.

Yes, it's about something you wouldn't see in the arcade, but made with the restrictions and structure of an arcade game.

Yeah, it sounds great, and actually @mcFunkyPants was talking about a similar idea on Twitter

There's some caveats, though: each game is owned by their respective creators, so while you can build an arcade cabinet with the games for your own entertainment, you cannot sell them or make money off of them.

le vamos a hacer un tutorial, perdón!

ay, muchísimas gracias! me alegro un montón de que te haya gustado tanto <3

aw, I'm really glad you played it despite not being in the jam,  thank you!
The game's in andalûh, which is a spanish variant that isn't usually written (there's no official way to write it), so it's confusing even for most spanish speakers.

thanks! I'll try to fix that along with some other stuff for a new version

I really hope they don't have that!

I was going to write pretty much this manifesto, so I'm glad you did

I very much think you should talk to the lovely people behind Slow Game Jam <3

Parece que da problemas para jugarlo a pantalla completa, pero en modo ventana funciona perfectamente ;)

Unity 5.5 allows some customization of the splash screen. It's on the player tab on the build settings screen, or in edit>preferences>player. I just gave the same background color there and on the itch page. It's cool you noticed :)