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I was actually thinking about which of your fonts would be best for GB Studio stuff a few days ago, so this is very convenient for me! Thank you!

You can enter the vent in the wall by pressing A. A button prompt has been added for the next version to prevent players from getting stuck.

I wasn't expecting this game to feature putting the fear of God into an innocent postman, but considering this is about a goose, maybe I should have. Absolutely a standout game!

Thank you very much! I tried my best to learn in the time I was given! I had some prior experience modding for games, which made learning GB Studio a little easier, but it still had quite a few its own challenges! In the end, it was well worth it, and I was pretty happy with the story writing too!

Your character feels so heavy and difficult to air jump with, I had to exploit the ability to shoot projectiles and spam as many as I can on the screen, slowing the game down long enough to consistently air jump. After that, the game became too easy, as the slower speed and infinite jumps allowed me to clear levels by button mashing.

But that being said, I found the visual design very charming, and I still had a fun time! You still did a great job! I suggest trying to make your character less heavy, as that would probably give a greater window to air jump too. If you insist on infinite jumps, then at least cut down on how many projectiles you can have onscreen at once, so slowdown exploits aren't so easy to pull off.

With its gorgeous pixel art, its dark and intimidating tone, and charming conversations with the creatures of the void, this makes for a game unlike anything I've seen in this jam yet. While it does kinda bite that losing all your hearts sets you back to the start, it does serve a punishment for failure, and your hearts do get restored between communications between the gods, which I think is just enough mercy. What really stings is that leaving a conversation early resets the conversation without refunding your items, which will get you stuck until you reset.

Even with that, it took its concept of being friendly with horrors beyond, and nailed it! Haven't played every game in the jam yet, but this has been my favorite so far!

Was it this room?

You can press the A button /Z key to enter the vent in the wall. I had a sprite for a button prompt, but uh... I forgot to add it. Sorry about that!

Well, let me know what the room was, and I can help! I'm also working to find the flaws in my levels, so this'll help me too!

Yeah, the scripting in that room is kinda messed up, it doesn't refresh on reset/death if you pass the trigger. I got some rooms I gotta fix up and rebalance once the voting period is over, but in the meantime, you can still pass this part!

See, the 2 tile vertical line of carpet is the trigger for the guy. Stand up here, and dash left, and you'll chase away the guy without getting shot. Then, you can safely travel on the carper in this hallway, under the turret's range. If you're not using am emulator with savestates, I recommend using the save point in the orange stairway, because then, you can continue from there.

Trying to work under the theme really threw me for a loop, because the ideas I was precooking didn't fit at all! After writing down some ideas, I picked the one I figured I could realize the easiest... And I still couldn't fully do it, but I'm happy with what I was able to do! For my first game, and being made in a week, I think I did alright!

Ah, I see. Not sure how that happened, but I'll look into patching it when the voting period is over, thank you!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! If you're still struggling with a part later, let me know, and I can tell you about it! As for the theming, it comes up more by the end.

That tile up north is out of range of the turret, but close enough to chase the guy away. When the guy is gone, it's safe to go under the turret.