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Hi Donut, I understand that you play with keyboard so you stab with [Q]. If you decide to give it a try on a controller press [Right thumbstick]. Also you can adjust mouse sensitivity in Options menu.

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for the video! And if you'll give it another try remember that when you run out of ammo is possible to stab with 'Q'! :)

Hi! Thanks for the video I really laughed watching you play. Also gotta say that you got a knife on the Q and I guess by your gameplay that we should say that at some place. Hope you enjoyed the game! If you got some feedback feel free to share it, we will improve the game with it :).

Hi! First of all thanks for the video. Well about the 11:27 ... who knows? ;) About the project Team 5 considers it "finished", I mean by the moment we are fixing some bugs and adjusting game balance. But we will take into account your feedback and maybe we add some things for next releases. Glad to see you enjoyed our game!

Hi! Thanks for make a gameplay of our game and for the feedback. We'll try to improve the game with it! Which kind of music do you think fits it? Just curiosity :)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback and for the video. I really laughed and enjoyed it. I just want to tell you two things, first one is that you can stab with Q or Right Thumbstick, and second one is that we didn't have time to put music in it (it's a students project and we'd got really hard deadlines).  Thanks for playing it! And yep I guess that the saloon is in space :').

Hi ! I really have no idea of what may be happening. Can you provide me more info about your pc? 

Hey CoalFire I uploaded a new version of Afterlife Arcade solving your issues. Just download again the game and you'll get the final version. Thanks again for your feedback and Team 5 hope you enjoy it!

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look and try to solve it as soon as possible!

Afterlife Arcade is a first person shooter that takes place on a version of the 90's where deads have come to life. You will try to survive waves of zombies that try to acces the arcade saloon. In order to achieve that, you can take weapons from arcade machines and block entry points.  With every action you gain tickets. Buy new perks or weapons with them!

You can play it alone or with a friend! I personally recommend to play it with xbox controller but it's not mandatory. 

Download here!