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Richard Hind

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I just uploaded the second version of my game Color Fall and I only managed to get to level 9 after some tries. Can someone beat me in order to tell me if everything happens correctly after you won the game?

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Hey there!

So, I published my first game a couple days ago. It's a 3D platformer of some sorts; I don' quite know what category it fits in. Anyways, it's completely free and there are no ads whatsoever. Enjoy and feel free to give me some feedback!

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Cool, I will check that asset out then.

Just fyi, if you ever need a 3d model, I am a Blender artist and would be happy to create something for you (no charge, of course)

Hey there!

I loved your game and wanted to ask if you used an asset for your first person controller, i really like it and could use on myself. Thanks!

Color Fall community · Created a new topic Release!

My first little game is released now. Feel free to download it and give me feedback. Other than that: Enjoy! :)