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hello i already added you in discord

Hello im an pixel artist i would like to work with you

whats ur discord 

Anyone need an artist

Hello im an pixel artist,im willing to work with you if you want to

Hello im a Game developer/artist but i specialized art specially in pixel art. Im in game development for about 3years of experience so if you want to team up with me comment down you discord thank you. 

yeah sure

hey im available do you have discord

Its urkidden hi


I love it for less than 560 word its really good

but no matter how many times i click the icon still i use my instead of builtin keyboard please

Please solve the problem......i dont have  laptop or computer i only have my mobile phone so i downloaded the bitsy in playstore but its crush when i clicked the download html button

HI i relly wanted to join the jam i dont have computer or laptop i downloaded bitsy in playstore but the problem is i cant download the html file and its crashed. 

Sorry its relly hard to make a game using mobile phone eventually ur uaing old model phone sorry

i want to do that but as i said i only have limited events.. 

Thank u for ur feedback, i have only limited event to put the solid thing that avoid the player go off the grid, i make this game using my mobile phone with construct 3 free version. 

curt im urkidden11 from discord

okay wait

Can i help i kind make simple rpg sprite....

Wow this is a nice game and u made in just a short lines..... Wow