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The homestuck comparison is accurate, but in a good way! I like how each character has a distinctive voice, and how each of them are silly in their own way. You did good!!!

This was a lot of fun!!! Great job!!!

Nice! But I think it's still broken, the link says discord/MNx6d45ykj but when you click on it, it brings you to discord/PG5kWE9B instead.

You might want to refresh the link if you're still using Discord, it no longer works!

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I really like this game! The characters and music are a lot of the fun. The only problem is that I think I'm bumping into a lot of invisible walls? In the sun maze I thought I found the end but when I ran towards it, I couldn't get close enough for some reason. And the compass stopped working, so I got even more lost trying to find an alternate way there.

Edit: NVM, looked at the map and apparently I just walked in a circle lol. Good maze.

It's fine!

The problem happened after the section where you named all the players in the video. It said it updated, but when I checked the page, it still had the placeholders instead of any character names.

The pink part was near the end of the game. I think either me going back to reread dialogue or checking the observations broke it, but I'll have to replay it to find out.

This was so much fun!

Just finished playing!

This games great, I can't wait to see the sequel! The only criticisms I have is that Soph's log never updated even after I completed the deduction multiple times, getting to the "Pink" part of the game triggered the debug screen, and Cindy and Bill's dialogue was really hard to read with the dark background. Otherwise, this was a lot of fun, can't wait to see more of it!

Nice! I got I bug that froze my computer so hard that that only way I could turn it off was by letting it run out of battery power after only completing one quest though

This game is great! I'm having a problem with Djen though, I finished his quest but I can't return him for some reason and while I love him, I kinda wanna try out some of the other guys. If this is a bug, is there some way to fix it?

(Also will you make a not-Chrome/web-based version of this game someday?