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boss de gelo é difícil, curti o uso de variações no cenário como desafio!

Vc tem dado em casa?

toma aqui a sua coxinha

Thanks johnathan!!

Stop being so amazing

Very polished and really elegant way of using the buttons, congratulations

Wow, you did a great job here, making everything juicy and adding depth to the systems with the upgrades.  Really like it!

You created a cool system for combat, and I feel that with some adjustments to the challenges this can become an even better game!

I liked the old-style graphics and the overall theming of the game.  I'll leave one suggestion: make the right mouse button retrieve the dice. Maybe your game could become more fast-paced doing that!! 

This game has a lot of personality and I was surprised you took the time to add things like customization and jokes with the character name/preferences in a game jam. Congratulations!

Well designed puzzles and neat graphics! It is a very good game, congratulations!

Very cool, really liked the overall chalenge of the game.

Thanks Eric! I'm glad to see that I made you chill for some minutes. This is a very famous song in Brazil and it represents one of our local genres: bossa nova. It is very relaxing and enjoyable, similar to jazz :)

Thank you, Towergame! I've received some comments about adding a tutorial and, as a dev, I think that feedbacks like this are really important to the overall experience. So I guess I have no other choice :P 

Thanks Jamac! My first thought was to make the instrument points float around when you completed the music, but I ran out of time and just used the background as the indicator. The point was to give the idea that music and color mix together and when you find the music, you also find the colors.

Thank you, Miklow! For this Jam, I tried to use things like tutorials and texts as minimum as possible , because when I saw people trying my game, they seemed to enjoy the experience of figuring out what to do. Also, I agree that the mixing option can be a nice improvement on the game.