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Hello good people of Itch,

My name is Luke. I have been making a wide variety of different projects in different mediums across the net. Over a year ago, I released a little game my friend Hyacinth and I made for fun called 'David Lynch Teaches Typing'. We were totally blown away by the unexpected amount of attention it got for what was a silly 5 minute art game.

Like anything on the internet, a lot of people said 'WHEN WILL YOU MAKE ANOTHER' 'WE WANT AN ACTUAL SEQUEL' and part of the beauty of projects like that is that we felt like we completely accomplished what we wanted with that game and could leave it as is, said and done without changing a thing. There's rarely things I've worked on that felt 'Completed' David Lynch Teaches Typing was one of them.

I ended up focusing on videos / scripted projects, one even got nominated for a webby. Which while a webby is essentially meaningless, it is a really nice framed certificate! But all of the experiences last year made me realize how much things have changed on the net.

People don't like experimentation anymore. They want to box creators into doing one thing over and over again. Which while it makes sense from a business standpoint, can tend to take the 'art' out of the 'art game'.

An art game doesn't have to 'DEADLY SERIOUS' and 'THOUGHT PROVOKING', I always looked at art games as things that tickle your brain in a way you didn't anticipate.

We thought making a game was a fun one time stunt, but after years of being dormant, an idea struck. An idea so wonderfully stupid, Hyancinth and I feel like we HAVE to make it.

Bigger, crazier and even more unexpected than the last one.

Thank you to all of the people who randomly found our page. Just like the last one, this is an experiment and we're going to see where it goes.


Dear Itch...

Thank you so goddam much for featuring out silly little typing game on your page. We feel validated, but even more, we feel curated.
We are working on some more game content to send on your ***ing awesome site but if you are interested, we also have a series we think you'll dig

With Love,

Rhino Stew