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I have played this game since the beginning beta launch.  Now I can't play it on itch io.  It just loads unreal4 closes and no game.  I'm wondering why?

yep... thats the one.... i know .... just don't run out right :)

Aven Colony community · Created a new topic Great job !

The game works really well :) I have enjoyed the new exploratory ship.

Just a couple things... 1) I find the new icon for mining confusing and think the previous jack hammer was better.

2) The enhancer notifications drive a guy mental... too many. I'd rather not even know.

Other than that it's awesome :)

I've been playing this game since it came out and I really like the new map :) Good job :)

When I build a skyscraper and there are multiple hi rises around it, I set the skyscraper to its highest pop limit, but it never seems to fill up. All the high rises around it will have 60-ish and the skyscraper will have about 90 or so. It seems like the pople just want to be in the smaller buildings no matter what.

The other thing is when I put the game on insane level and build all the same things, my score turns out exactly the same as if I set the difficulty to normal. It would be nice to get a higher score...

Seems to work, good job :) !!

Well, I just downloaded the upgrade and the glitch is still there. The ship will go up and down, and when it's done the notifier in the bottom right of the screen still shows that the zeno spice bread trade mission isn't fiilled. The game seems to work better though... good job :)

It is the very latest greatest version13413. Tried it again today and it was the same. I've probably tried this level just for that error about ten times now.

For sure :) I know all about that. I almost got it to trade today at the end. I told it to trade the xeno spice, then switched it to something else, then switched it back and I saw the vessel take off. Guess what... I had already retrieved the object and it ended just like that. Doh! I'll try again tommorrow. I was busy attempting to run the scenario without iron and just kelko. Can't be done.

I have played this map numerous times now. When it asks for export of "300 Zeno Spice Bread" it simply will not export it. Even if you've got 800 or so in your inventory.