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Oh gosh, it'll be a while, but it's already heading towards the ending, doesn't seem like it was almost 4 years ago that I started following this history...can't wait for it but at the same time I don't want it to end.

You guys did an PHENOMENAL work, and no doubts you'll give the best conclusion for our boys. Can't wait for the emotional damage.

Putz, parei no far beyond por causa das treta tudo que tava tendo com o criador, uns bagulho meio tenso, e também a história deu uma estagnada, e pelo visto ainda tá :/

Vou procurar e dar uma olhada, eu sai a tempos da comunidades então não tô mais em nenhum discord, mas qq coisa adiciona lá Alexi#9099

Faz tempo que eu não leio, baixei esses dias pra voltar, tô bem no início ainda, não sabia que tinha ficado popular assim

Tem algum servidor do discord ou grupinho br? Fiquei até interessado agora 👀 

Pois é, mas tambem fica meio difícil ir traduzindo de acordo com que lança os updates, sempre iria atrasar

Mas vai que algum abençoado faz um fan-sub, aí seria sucesso 👀 

Opa opa eae meu povo

The commitment and work you all put into this project is nothing more than amazing, and to think the writer is a fellow Brazilian 

Um abraço meu querido

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Hell yes

Did anyone else noticed the Hotel quietly popping up in a certain part of Hinterlands III when Storm and P are talking in the car? I just remembered it and had to post this

Menino, eu fiquei rindo uns 5 minutos de felicidade aqui


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U Stinky

I don't really think a MC sprite is necessary or would make a good difference, personally I like a mcs without a sprite so that way we can picture ourselves in the situation or at least have a better grasp on doing it in certain moments of the history, and the first-person POV makes it really easy to do too.

But that's just a personal taste since a MC sprite wouldn't probably fit with everyone playing, so leaving it to the reader's imagination is a better move imo.

Muito obrigado!

Just let us do the thing u want to doOooh

Pelo seus trabalhos antigos nas comics, estou ansioso! Boa sorte no projeto

Nem acredito que tu tá trabalhando numa VN! Acabei de descobrir, parabéns mano;

Você fará um Port pro Android também?

Yeah, i know how you're feeling, it was just the way his route was written, everything was so rushed up and some points not making sense, that the situation itself felt blank and too artificial, like Diego's drinking problem, who simply vanished in an hour; The history and characters could have been really well explorated and developed, but things just went out like it oof

Really looking foward to this project! Also, is there any place we can follow you aside from itchio? Like twitter or FA?