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Hey! Your Ludum Dare page doesn't have the right link! You should use this one instead:

Yeah, definitely going to test the difficulty curve more thoroughly in the future. It's just difficult to take the time to do that in the middle of doing bug testing and feature and content implementation. But thanks!

Agreed, I was actually thinking of, after the jam, making it some sort of different melody. Gotta experiment with some things, see what works. And yeah, come up with a way to better communicate what number you'll land on after moving. It's technically possible, just very difficult rn.

Okay, that's very good to know, thanks! That is one of the biggest problems with game jams. Making sure the difficulty curve is smooth enough while always knowing the solution.

Thank you so much! Yes, I'm definitely planning on working on it more. I agree, I probably made the beginning a bit *too* simplistic. I wanted to compensate for the unnecessarily steep learning curve that jam games tend to have. There was stuff I would have added like different pad colors and more levels, but I decided to sacrifice quantity for the sake of a bit of polish and personal sanity. Still, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Very much appreciated! Stylization might work pretty well. I know the die textures had some issues, mainly because I baked them from Blender at 1024p when I probably should have done 2048p. Level 3, though? The one that introduces the addition pads? Interesting. I'd be quite interested in hearing more about the difficulty of each level and what you thought.

And yes, it can be difficult to figure out what the next number the die will land on is. I've been working on finding a solution to that. Possibly rotating the camera, possibly something else. And yeah, in the future I might rework the die sounds. I did come to like how it made familiar little songs for the solutions during playtesting.

But thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I realized it was because I misunderstood the time freeze mechanic and sometimes it just would roll a 6 and not do anything.  Pretty cool, though the final boss seems very difficult. I couldn't manage to keep enough ammo to beat it.

This is really cool! Very good character design. A bit frustrating in how much RNG there is, though.

This is a really cool idea, it just feels a bit incomplete. Seems like you spent too long on things like crowd noises and dynamic soundtrack (Which are cool in their own right) to actually implement things like score counters, credits, and UI. Still fun, just wish it was more complete!

Very cool concept, but it seemed a bit... glitchy? I'm not entirely sure. Still pretty fun though!

Simple but very fun to play! I had a good time, and it definitely manages to keep some level of difficulty. Could use some sounds though. Fun game, though! And cool to see another Godot dev!

Good graphics, but I couldn't really tell what I was doing. Pressing in random directions until I won worked, I think. But I'm not really sure. Still, not bad!

Thanks! Yeah, that's a change I should make if I want to update after the jam. Some way for the player to have more information so they can properly solve the puzzles.

Cool visual style! Though I think the motion blur is a bit much. I liked the cup indicator, that's a nice way to show resources. However, I couldn't really tell how to tell if the flowers were okay, and the overall communication of mechanics was confusing. Didn't know what to do or where to go.

Overall pretty good, though!

Got 10 points. Not bad! Gets quite chaotic.