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Thanks for saying hi! And thanks for not making promises. :)

Us fans of the Flash game are old and understanding now. We'll be stoked to see a return to Kalevala whenever it happens, whether in six months or twenty years. Take care of yourself, work on what gives you joy, and we'll throw some money at you whenever you happen to have deliverables. :) Don't make promises that'll fill you with guilt, and give us a drip feed of hope and excitement, instead! We love hearing from people who made things we love.

Good luck!

This was so interesting, and strange, and compelling. Thanks for posting it here where I could find it.

More fantastic work. Here I was, thinking I'd seen most of what could be done with this idea. I've smiled on almost every screen as I've seen some new trick you've devised. Thanks for sharing this piece of your mind. :)