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That`s awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

Thank u so much!! Great job!!

As far as I see theese sprites seemed to be for a forest_ topdown, so, could you, please add an animation for going top and down? This could be usefu!! The pack is really amazing. I'm gonna make a big game with the help of your series_ assets!!

Thank you so much!! I'll give you the link and mention you in credits as far as I'll finish my game

Hey! I'm creating a blockchain game and I've really liked your textures. May I use them as NFTs in my project

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Hey, I've made a complete tileset of your RTS collection, I'll leave it here. Size of one Tile is 64x64 as in original, and the Margin I've set to 16px 

Hey, I've wanted to use this generator in my project, could you please give the source code or explain me, how else can I do it?

Could you, please give the source code