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Hey folks! Once again I am part of the team that is organizing one of the longest-running and most popular sessions in GDC, so I wanted to invite you to submit your innovative, weird or experimental games to it.

Submissions are open until November 17 and it is absolutely free to submit. If you are working on a game of any kind, type of size that pushes the boundaries of the medium, this is the place for you.

If your game is chosen you up to two speaker passes for GDC (like an all-access with a few extra perks) and you can apply for the Speaker Support Program to get a little help with lodging and travel expenses (last year it was 500 usd).

You can find the submission form and more info here:

(and I am happy to answer any questions or doubts anyone may have)

Hey, everyone!

The Experimental Game Workshop is open for submission until January 1st!

If you are working on something unique, weird or that pushes the boundaries of video games in any way you are welcome to submit.

It’s absolutely free and you will get the chance to be a speaker in one of the most legendary sessions of GDC, showing your work to engaged devs, publishers, media and other media professionals, be it in-person in March at GDC or via a video presentation.

Submission form and more info here:

Just beautiful. It's a game I will recommend to anyone who wants to know what video games can be besides pastimes.

Amazing! Loved every minute of it.

Hi everyone!

I'm one of the organizers for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop showcase at GDC and we wanted to reach out to invite anyone making weird, experimental and different games to submit your games/prototypes/projects to this year's showcase:

The EGW is one of the most popular annual sessions at GDC for nearly 20 years now and exists to shine a spotlight on some of the most novel up and coming prototypes being made by anyone passionate about game development. The application process is quick(& free) and the only commitment required if you are selected is to create a 2-5 minute gameplay highlight reel / walkthrough video, talking through what makes your design so experimental.

The projects selected for the showcase get a ton of visibility from folks across the industry, so if you're looking for new fans, funders, experienced collaborators, or just to show off to some of the industry's most ambitious designers it could be a great idea!

A few of our previous hit selections before their full release include Katamari Damacy, Untitled Goose Game, and Baba is You.

The deadline this year is June 7th, and if you are selected for the showcase you'll receive a free pass to GDC 2021 (another online edition this year but still full of good networking). We hope to grow EGW to become a bigger ongoing showcase/community with more focused sessions, and will start with the GDC showcase this July.

Let me know if you have any questions, or you can also reach out on Twitter (@ExpGameWorkshop) or by email ( Finally, if you want to learn more about the EGW you can also check out our website here:

¡Muy bueno! Me encantó todo el detalle que hay. Los textos, los personajes, el uso del color. Se nota todo el trabajo en el juego. 

Me gustó tanto que lo jugué una segunda vez para ver si me había quedado algo sin ver.