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Can you add PayPal as a payment method?

Ok, i beaten the game and it was fun. However, I found another bug. On the level from screenshot, if you put out the torches with sword and switch screens, blue stone will reappear and it will mess up collisions again.

Interestingly, the hookshot is displayed on the save screen in the menu.

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Unfortunately it seems that i stuck. The chest didn't give me a hookshot. Is it because I still have Vial of Mercury in my inventory? The NPC gives you mercury even after the artificer's mission is over, which is why I still have it.

I can see that the save game is in the appdata folder. If the lack of a hookshot is a bug, please tell me how to edit the save game so I can finish it.

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Hey, I just started playing and it seems like pretty good game, but i found serious bug. When I was walking on the bottom of the screen (from left to right) and changed the scene, it turned out that I could walk on the walls. It happened on the location from the screenshot.

Besides, the game seems fun and I will definitely finish it later.

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A really great game! It took me some time to find all the stuff.