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Sorry for the late reply,

If they do end up experimenting with Scratch, the projects I taught at Oakland's video game museum might be interesting or useful. They were all designed to be teachable in an hour and a half, and a lot of them have empty templates next to the finished product, like they did in old cooking shows, before cooking shows got feisty.

Don't be too surprised if they jump from code thing to code thing really quickly! It's like anything, we evaluate our interests as we go. Scratch's limitations might not suit them after a while, and then there's a whole other universe of alternatives. Happy hacking!

On top of what's already been said, this game looks great too

Sorry for the late reply! You won't ever find anyone blue in this version, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. 👻

Jusiv you've done it again!

I love what you've done with the place

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I'm absolutely hooked. I do wish the music loop during rounds was longer, and I'd love infinite mode.

Also, last round I encountered the Monty Hall Problem, recognized it for what it was, and lost regardless. I'm not even mad.

Scratch <3 hyperjam

This feels like a legit '80s Mac shareware game. I'm impressed, and will try to figure out how you accomplished it. :D

I rate this 100 rabbits.

Endearing and fun through and through, distinctively a Rekka & Devine collaboration.

And if a line of plush toys ever comes out of this, I've already rationalized the impulse buy ;D

This feels very HyperCard-native.

Like, they give us MacPaint tools to draw scenes with, and they give us a scripting language to make cool code/graphics toys with, so a lot of stacks back then had MacPaint-y visuals telling a charming story, or were single cards covered in buttons that would generate art.

Your stack does both, does them well, and does them together, which I especially enjoy.

(I named my shadow animal Sadie.)

The combination of lighting choice and dithering gave these graphics a really nice textural dimension. These could go in a gallery.

I especially like the pull-away from the tabletop objects revealing the giant megastructures.!

I love the room graphics! I'm interested in how they came together

Terrific! This is the only incarnation of P.T. I'll ever play myself, and i found it haunting.

Back in a big way! my home office has an Apple mouse infestation. I've tried removing the mouseballs, to no avail. Send Apple Help!

Since there's no haiku in the demake, I made you one:

This is brilliant!