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I managed to get out of the cave, but those ground spikes >.>

It'd be nice if you updated this, at least to fix the controls.

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Although I call it speedrun, I didn't record the time. It's just my method for doing a super quick run for this. Basically there's no need to farm with this method, at least if you have Gold Lv3. There's a low chance of getting caught stealing Full, and on this run I managed to find a way around the Wasp. I honestly didn't need the scrolls to beat Quetzal but I tried to save turns so I wouldn't get into a Struggle session. I'd say this took about 5-10 minutes, and that's because I wasn't actually rushing and I wanted to avoid Ctrl-based faux rolls. Try to get to Monsters first if you can, especially if the Witch hut is attached to an alternate path to the mountain to avoid the wasp. Do NOT steal from the witch!

The Vault Combo is Block, Second Wind if necessary, Careful, Blitz, Vault, and Drop or whatever the first option is. This combo does not work on wasps - you'll definitely get wrecked. It might not work on harpies either but I avoided them. And I also didn't drink the elf water. Try to avoid Nagas if you can, too, because they're a major pain, though I think they can be hit by the combo too since Quetzal can. Oh, and if you end up downed, Rest then Kip Up since it pushes you to Perfect or next to Perfect stance. If you're doing the Top/Middle Spam then once you press the red attack, you'll definitely need to Kip Up.

Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic Discord

About 2 years ago, you posted on Patreon and Twitter the discord link, but that link has expired. I'm guessing since you put it in Twitter that it's meant to be public. It's far easier to ask people questions about the game and discuss it on Discord than here. Can you please make a permanent invite link and put it on here/patreon/twitter where everyone can see it?


I know it's been a few years so I'm wondering what all's been changed, just a quick summary is fine so I won't be lost when I go back in.

Not sure if this has changed since Start of Alpha, but I'd like to be able to terraform up and down. I don't know if there's something like the Creative Mode of MC but even with that there was no way to force half of the ocean up and the other half down to create something like Niagara Falls. Without true up/down terraformation, it's difficult to create waterfalls without making a giant pit.