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Thank you for the words by the way. 

In the description I had said that the restart function won't work, and unfortunately, I think it might be something with itch? It works on my desktop application of twine but on browser it doesn't work. Weird interactions! Either way, thank you again for playin' and for the words. Hope you continue to enjoy.

I loooove it. I love cats and I love the kink of breeding. Even if this is tame, it is still fun and still novel to play. Definitely soothing as Krinn commented.

There is something so cheeky about this game and I love it. I love the fact that her grapple leads into a satisfying stomp and this is definitely something I'd love to see more of.

So, I flipping love this. It made me chuckle many times and I never thought I'd enjoy a Bee based visual novel about trying to get with flowers. I look forward to more even though there are couple of audio glitches here and there. Good show!

I want more~ What I really enjoyed, was getting to meet each of the ladies and the conversations that I had with them. It is so rare to find a visual novel where I actually want to get to know the characters, and I definitely want to see more out of this~ Great job!

I love it, but I want so much more. The premise is silly, but sooo cool to the point where I was blasting hotline miami music for that retro feel, the cyber world is something that I want to see more of with all these crazy and various people on this MUCK that you made seem so very real. All in all, I want more and that isn't necessarily a bad thing, just means it was a tease.

Like. I didn't get horny, but the premise is really cool and the mechanic of blinking was super interesting and novel. I really wanted a full game of Gradius except with blinking mechanics focused more on dodging. That would be really cool and for that I say thank you!

I give this a high novelty rating because it feels almost like an Ad for some sort of health company teaching people about safe sex. "You only get the hot girl, if you get the hot condom." Great job!

Many thanks to you for organizing this little event! It was fun to participate and I'll definitely see about participating in the next one if there is, or just working on my own personal projects aimed at learning.