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Hope you enjoy it :D


because file is unsigned by microsoft certificate. sorry about that. but nothing dangerous there you could check it on virustotal for example

Hm, just download new version, and install it. all necessary data will be downloaded after first run

you`re welcome dude

could you please make some sketch with changes you wish to see?
how do you see it? where is a better place for these buttons?

we pronounce it [reksuis] or [reksuiz] :)


yeah, sorry about that, we know the problem and btw you first reported it. you could try to use mouse. it will help you a lot in pointing

cant get exactly what you meant, but in case its "fun game" then YES IT IS

based on quake*

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yes. in case you run it over local network you can create server and use 'connect IPaddress' command in game console(~ or shift+esc) in clients. in case you and your friends connecting via internet, you need create game and give an IP address of your server or supply the server name to your friends because server will be available in servers list.

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touch screen controls is just a proof of concept. its have very bad playing experiences. even after latest update of it.
but gamepad should work. you need just assign keys in input section. but tbh, we tested it on PC only.
better way to get more fun is using mouse+keyboard. even bluetooth ones very playable. for usb keyboard and mouse OTG cable is necessary.

try or

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if chromebook is able to run android apps, you can try apk build
something like this

How to Install Android Apps From APK Files on Chromebook

  1. Firstly, you will need a file manager Android app from the Play Store. …
  2. Then, download the APK files of apps you want to install from any website. …
  3. The Android like Settings page should open up. …
  4. Once the APK file is downloaded, open the file manager app and go to the Downloads folder.

which site you talking about? everything fine with it

Usually Mac users have no troubles with game running. Maybe you downloaded wrong file with launcher? Did you downloaded "" and unzipped it?

its a bit complicated. but for easy way you can try to join some free servers. There are bunch of Rexuiz servers in servers list usually marked with "Best" word. Pick your preferred game type and join. Survival/coop/ffa(akimbo/non-akimbo/mixed arts). some of servers are free some have players. Just make a decision you wish to play alone or with other players.
But game also have ability to create your own server. Use Multiplayer window -> Create, create server you like, name it some how unique and start server. Supply name of the server to your friend and if everything is good your friend could join to your server using servers list and clicking on your server

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Dont ask to ask, just put your question here or in separated thread.

No plans about iOS at this moment. Most complicated platform btw especially for opensource and completely free game

We are not ready now to support iOS and PS4/PS5 and Xbox versions

Use first one. I bet i made a note somewhere on the page recommending the same :)

yes. different bosses available in classic campaign and survival modes


what you mean? mod like halo game? vehicles/weapons? anything else?

the games have same base

In case you using Launcher, fix already there.

sorry for delay with answer. there are 2 different downloads. full zip archive. this file only needs to be unzipped somewhere you like and after unzip you just need to start exe file in a folder where you unzipped.
in case you`ve downloaded Qt Rexuiz Launcher its the only one executable file which only asks you where to download other game data. and you can use this launcher for future game starts. so which one you`d downloaded? Also you can try to use Administrator rights to delete file. Also its possible what you have hdd/ssd error right in sectors where file downloaded and this may be fixed with different hdd/ssd checking tools

omg. you just found the bug with score counting. it will be fixed in next release for sure.

What OS you using? Which file you downloaded?

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Hey. Are you still with us? Have no other contact to check you still good :)

Hey. You could try Quad touch play market app to run our game code using their darkplaces engine version. Its also possible to use outdated QI4A app, but its only available for 4.4 android.

well, its akimbo mod. Its unbalanced by itself, but people found it most fun at current moment.

Will be fixed in one of closest updates

Just tested on 10.15.7 Catalina and not faced with issue you talking about... Tested using alias also with same result, no issue on our side.

Did you tested it?

(1 edit) - here is a link to quick fix. Could you please backup you current folder, and place file over it? It have to fix that Catalina issue with relative paths in game

Btw, regarding this one -> Issue on catalina if your version of catalina outdated, you may fix it just updating to latest.

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Hi. Could you please screenshot where and what you rightclickig?
Check this please 

if above will not help, in game window you screenshoted above open console with ~ or shift+esc key, type path, press enter, screenshot it, share here and type quit, press enter.

Also you may try download and use QtLauncher app if you still dont.

Where you cant download? And what you trying to download.
Here is the simplest solution.
Open this url
choose you OS, lets say its windows.
Click to RexuizLauncher.Windows.exe
Your browser have to start downloading it.
Move file to your desktop for example. And run it. It will start and download all other game files. The game will start after download is complete. Next time just click to RexuizLauncher.Windows.exe again and game will check for update and start after.

Yes, we have 32bit binaries in package. Also QtLauncher have 32bit version