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Hi there! Great job on this. I'm a 3D artist and a tool like this would be invaluable for scene setup in our community. An export feature would be amazing! I'd love to be able to concept out a scene in this quickly and then export it to my native 3D app for final lighting and materials, etc. In my world the most accepted formats for 3D exchange are FBX and Alembic, and both support instancing as I am sure your game relies on. I know this is a gross over simplification but even a limited export feature would be welcome, where you export the base used meshes (generated landscape / water / tree / rock, etc) with their texture layers, and then just nulls or points with PSR (position, scale, rotation) data with a prefix for every instance (tree_01_001, rock_04_001, etc). It would result in lightweight exports I assume that the 3D artist could then import and even re-link with their own high rez assets (provided they normalize to yours first). Anyway, again, I know it's a huge oversimplification, I'm just really stoked on the possibility of such an user friendly tool being incorporated in production of more stuff. Thanks again and keep up the great work.