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Hello, we are sorry for now there is not but we will try to get a Linux version soon

Thank you so much we are very glad you liked the game! 

Thank you so much for your comment, we sure think to participate to the contest, we'll send our submission soon!

Thank you so much ! It's great to have these feedbacks, we are really happy you liked it ! 

Thank you for this video, it's great to see reviews on our work! 

Thank you! 

Aurore is a contemplative adventure-puzzle game in third person point of view. We are a group of 9 students of the CNAM-ENJMIN and we created this game in 2.5 months.

You play as Aurore, a young girl travelling by train. During her journey, she gets lost in her reverie and imagines a her own world, where she has the power to resize objects

You will progress in this inner universediscover its possibilities and how it evolves as she continues her travel.