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Revenger Wizard

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I added an additions section, thanks for the suggestion! :)

I'll leave the last part with everything listed just for the sake of completeness.

Hi again! 

I found the free time to make a small extension pack for this fantastic asset pack, adding a few more characters and items to the list. Hopefully adding more in the future.

Hi, thank you for noticing it!

I've added the CC0 license, same as 0x72's one.

Sure, I also made animations for almost each of the characters, I can send you the entire zip file over discord if you want: Revenger Wizard#2653

Though, at the moment all the animations are in Aseprite files (.aseprite).


Hi, what's the problem?


I'm not sure why it doesn't work, it's been a while since I've been using Unity, might be that with newer versions they messed up something with the Animator, or it's not able to find the path to the assets. In the Animator Controller what does it show under the Sprite property?

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Love it.


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Is it ok if I make an expanded version of this awesome asset pack?

I got inspired in making and animating more of these lil characters.

Hi again! Little question, what palette did you use for this tileset?

Hey! At the end yea I figured out the way to make that type of attack. Also thanks, I think I might use it in a project I'm trying to do.

Hi again!
Wanted to ask another question, is it possible to use the small font that is in the game?

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For anyone who needs it, I made a version of the dwarf with the pickaxe (as seen in the 2nd image) since there wasn't one.


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At this moment I’m busy with homeworks and projects, but I already have in mind a mega pack to keep all the 0x72 universe sprites together, mixed with other inspired assets and I’ve already made several sprites for that so I just need some time to prepare everything.

Wow, it looks awesome!


Awesome game

Awesome art!

Hi again!
Are you still planning on relasing the source code of this generator? I was thinking about trying to recreate it in Unity and maybe use it for a small game I'm working on during my freetime. 

Wow, that's impressive! What about the names of the dungeons and the creatures? I love so much this tool, every dungeon seems so unique and special!

I'm currently using Unity and 25 fps is perfect for animations. Also, like shown in the images, there are no attack animations. Basically it's a weapon that rotates around the player, like in Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon and others. But if you don't like this way, just try make something yourself, with some immagination you can find an idea.

Also, just to know, where did you find the decorations for the generator, the fountain, the little rocks and other props?

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Depends on what program you are using, for example I'm using Aseprite, which automatically sets the correct frames per seconds value and using an extension for Unity I import it into the engine. From what I've tried, 25 fps for the animations are perfect.

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Just found this tool. Man, that's awesome, so simple and easy to use. Love how  also the notes, the small title and description are random. This gives so much inspiration. I've noticed that it's a bit slow the tool, but I hope you'll solve this problem. Also, what font have you used for notes and titles?

A little question: the Doc is an enemy or a hero? 

I don't know, but after using the bullet that makes you invulnerable, it didn't disappear after take damage, so yea, kinda strange.

After playing for a bit, the game glitched and had invulnerability for all the game. I really enojeyed this game, especially for the mechanic of different bullets with different effects (maybe the bullet that kill yoursel is too much). So yea, it's a mechanic I've never seen before. Nice!

It depends on what you want to do.

The concept 0x72 is shown on the images, basically a weapon that rotates around the player, you know, like Enter The Gungeon or Nuclear Throne.

The tileset size of this pack is 16x16

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Nice game! Reached the 6th floor and died. Those dirty skeletons.
I'm pretty curious on how you made the weapon attack. In my little project I'm working on in the free time I've only made the weapon rotate around the player at a certain distance and don't know how to do the attack.

Also, amazing game!

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Really love this tool. Saved for maybe later.
Also, hell yea! We need to expand the 0x72's cinemtic universe!


Just follow the instructions. In asset might be some new tile that I've made if you want to use it.

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The game is really good.

The attack system is really satisfying, maybe with some movement limitations. Just to give suggestions: flip the player based on mouse position and add the possibility of moving the weapon around the player 

Small details like the red flash, the dust trail and the blood particles make the difference in a game. What engine do you use, just to know?

Sorry for the bad english.

So you want to cut the sprites from the spritesheet?

Show some image so I could help you. I ended up making sprites for every frame of animation and if you want I can send you all the folder with everything ordered.

Really appreciate your work! I mean, it's a very original pixel art, simple and perfect for something like a Dungeon game (thing that now I'm working on). Keep the work boi!

But, want to know if you'll make (maybe one day, I'm only asking) the frontal and back position of the sprites.


Tried the game and looks very goood! Maybe the scene rendering, but the design and the graphics are fantastics!

If I may ask, where did you found the title font (if it is a font)?

Does the file contains malwares?
Last time i tried open, Windows said me that there was a Trojan.

Good job!

I like the gameplay, but it’s a little bit empty of items and weapons or other.

The game is random generated? If yes, it’s really good how it’s made. Can you explain how it works (sorry, i’ curious).