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Hey, What happened to your github account?

hey I realized that I'm horrible at making music but what happened to your github?


got some done tell me what you think and what sounds better

also could I just use vocal chops

ok I'll start working on it

I do make music but don't know if you want it

The link to all my music

Hey if you want a solid background version of the logo here it is (It would look better on GitHub)

Well AMD currently has the best processors for a low price if you want Intel you have to spend a bit more for the same quality

(1 edit)

I already made one and it's there now but yours is actually really good mine is below

Also if you ever want to collab on a logo email me at

Hey, I made a profile image of a M on fire way back when and your username is Manfire100 so yeah (I actually never used this for anything) 

Oh you could technically upgrade the CPU to something like a AMD Ryzen 5

Oh, Well usually you can find lower end windows 10 desktops and laptops for real cheap

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hey I think you could make it so when Frynogs is done being installed it could run the lime test windows -debug command

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yeah I have a github account it's under the same name as my account (RetroWonder)

also if you want any future logo design just email me at

BTW you can put the logo creator as Gabriel M.

(Decided to make this a main post) I made 2 logo concepts you can download them both here as a transparent background image.

Download for both logos

What one do you like more

Made it look more like that

going to edit it but so far

made this (transparent background)

What type of logo

I tried like 100 times & it's probably been updated in that time

The continue button won't work

Is there an android version?

I tried playing a Dr. Ludos game & it brought me here

When I click the play link it brings me here

They worked hard on it they want something for all their hard work!

Thanks for putting up the .APK file!

- Gabriel