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In Samurai vs Ninja, You're playing a samurai heavily inspired by the Samurai Jack Episode: Jack vs the Ninja. That means:

bold striking visuals.
Fast paced combat.
interplay between light dark and negative space
gameplay hybrid of stealth, survival, action, and navigation
upbeat, epic, Japanese style music that keeps you in the action

Samurai Vs Ninja by Earthshine aka Darrias (

Samurai Vs. Ninja: Intro Art


very cool art and vibes. I particularly like the camerawork

Gardening is a calm as it gets. Great color and upbeat music

Really cool, I could definitely see this on mobile.

a very interesting take on theme with some cool 3d art. Good Job

clam is life. The Atari look is appealing. great job 

Very chill vibes and interesting gameplay. Awesome

very well executed, nice art and sound, and challenging without being overly frustrating. Very strong entry

I love the art style and clear focus. Great Job

cool pacing, funny, good gameplay. Nicely Done

I like that it has a tutorial, has some difficulty, and the character animation is nice. Great job

very enjoyable, colorful and trippy. Great job

very cool, great job

awesome, I enjoy the idea greatly


much appreciated

thanks, good ideas

I didn't see too many multiplayer games. Considering the theme it's a smart concept to go for highly on theme and good gameplay.

I wouldn't have conceptualized a RPG party as community. Interesting concept

looks cool, has a don't starve aesthetic

Wonderfully charming and stylish. The music is great and characters cool.

I like the feel and art. The intro screen too long., I thought it crashed lol I couldn't figure out spells

Interesting, experimental. I'm not really sure what just happened but the word cupboard opening like a cupboard is neat lol

Getting strong earthbound vibes. Very cool style. Jumping is a bit weird but understandable. 

I like the vibes, style, and voice acting is cool. The wrong choices are fun.

Very cool, the zoom is a bit slow but the concept is on point. I'm not sure how to leave the child stage, I wonder how it's planned for the species to interact. Very compelling

I love it, It had good feel, visual, and I enjoyed the gameplay. I would further separate the shotgun from the AR fire. Shooter heavier burst with longer reloads for the shotgun to take out melee enemies reliably. Maybe a bass-y sound effect for the shotgun mode? 

Great game

Moar! I like it the style. Make sure you read instructions on this one. Once you find out about the timer bug it gets really close.

I like it, it's kind of tricky and definitely strategic. No critiques, just give me more. 

I love it. Reminds me of Panzer Dragoon in the best kind of way. The feel and atmosphere is top notch. Very cool feeling camera. 

Small things. I feel like the fish should have wings. It's hard to judge where you are in space causing misses. Could use some conventions of rail games like boost/ brake, obstacles, and ending

Great game, very charming

That's some seriously fun gameplay. The style is charming and music fun. The posse could become a an interesting part of the gameplay. 

Really cool art, music, and style. I got stuck in the wall on the jump by the flower had to restart. Didn't see the theme. Combat is neat. Platforming is a little loose but cool. Those flowers are really tricky to use.

cool thanks