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You have to press a on the mirror to enter the mirror universe. The door doesn't open

I love it. The character is cool and finding it's new forms is rewarding. Doing a Metroidvania is impressive. 

Normally, I can't stand games where you have to earn the jump but it felt fair here.

I like the humor attempts and it has a charming quality I can't put my finger on. I however got stuck and couldn't continue

I love the concept and car design. The intro is both perfection. I believe the gameplay could be stronger but overall it's one of my favorites

Interesting mechanics. Good job

That's a lot of game. Amazing you got so many games into one. Very charming characters and the arcade looks great

Thank you. I learned a lot designing this project.

Thank you! Banished was a big achievement for me. Congrats to all participants. 

cool look

thanks for the feedback

heads up used your pack on my project. releasing sept 14th. 
Banished by RetroReflector (

heads up used your pack on my project. releasing sept 14th. 
Banished by RetroReflector (

i sent you a message on twitter

In Samurai vs Ninja, You're playing a samurai heavily inspired by the Samurai Jack Episode: Jack vs the Ninja. That means:

bold striking visuals.
Fast paced combat.
interplay between light dark and negative space
gameplay hybrid of stealth, survival, action, and navigation
upbeat, epic, Japanese style music that keeps you in the action

Samurai Vs Ninja by Earthshine aka Darrias (

Samurai Vs. Ninja: Intro Art


very cool art and vibes. I particularly like the camerawork

Gardening is a calm as it gets. Great color and upbeat music

Really cool, I could definitely see this on mobile.

a very interesting take on theme with some cool 3d art. Good Job

clam is life. The Atari look is appealing. great job 

Very chill vibes and interesting gameplay. Awesome

very well executed, nice art and sound, and challenging without being overly frustrating. Very strong entry

I love the art style and clear focus. Great Job

cool pacing, funny, good gameplay. Nicely Done

I like that it has a tutorial, has some difficulty, and the character animation is nice. Great job

very enjoyable, colorful and trippy. Great job

very cool, great job

awesome, I enjoy the idea greatly


much appreciated

thanks, good ideas

I didn't see too many multiplayer games. Considering the theme it's a smart concept to go for highly on theme and good gameplay.