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Lulz - When I quickly glanced at the title I thought it said, "I was a teenage oncologist". I was thinking, is this Doogie Howser game.

Then reading further, i looks like a pretty neat game. I'll have to circle back when I've more cycles (something about work=paycheck, yadda yadda yadda).

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Q: Does this happen to come with a Steam Key? 

I'll be playing it on my Steam Deck and prefer buying my games from sources such as Itch or HB (drm-free), for the more favorable Developer percentages and the assurance of a DRM-free backup when playing Steam key. 

BTW, looks awesome. I love AG racing (own pretty much every Wipeout & F-Zero) as well as Redout and others. And now I can make my own tracks is even better.  

On my GPX Wiz, I've a 'rhythm' racer much like AudioSurf (which I also like playing.). You could always look into adding a 'rhythm racer' mode -- analyzes MP3 to feed auto-generation of the track using the race track editor. That would be cool.

Thanks in advance. Cheers.